10 Small Business Grants in Nigeria and How to Access Them in 2023

Small business grants in Nigeria are essentially free monies from the Federal government, state governments, NGOs, development programs or private organizations dedicated to supporting launch, growth or diversification of the beneficiary businesses. Unlike small business loans or Venture Capital funds, grants don’t have to be repaid. With the economy suffering from intense pressure since the beginning […]

Top 15 Books for Successful CEOs in Nigeria 2023

What are the top books successful CEOs in Nigeria are reading in 2023? One thing that is common to business leaders all over the world is reading. We know you are curious to know the best books that can help Nigerian CEOs expand their imagination, depth and value to others. As a CEO, you are […]

Errand Services: One Business That Requires No Start-up Capital

It certainly was going to be a very busy day for this newlywed. The husband had just run off to work for his weekend shift, the wife stayed up sorting gifts from the wedding party. Then it hit her that the house had only one ladle spoon. Heavily pregnant and not agile enough to dash […]

Your guide to popular Industrial Clusters in Lagos

Maybe you have noticed, maybe you have not, but people don’t just set up businesses anywhere in Lagos — at least not the ones who know what they are doing. People say that the most important thing in business is customers; you know what the next is?… location of course! If I was asking someone […]

The Tutor: A business with no need for startup capital

The year was 2010. I was in my final year in the university and in desperate need of a ‘hustle’ to keep my palms wet and give me some financial muscle. I mean, I was just dumped by my ex — a classmate, for being too broke and ‘incapable’. Two years earlier, I got a […]

A 10-year walkthrough on ecommerce in Nigeria

It was certain that businesses had to evolve — however small a measure — to accommodate the nuances of the times. Instant responses to instant messages sent in by prospective customers through mobile message applications like BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp & Viber. Emails, also breezing past, made all too easy through push applications on smartphones, required […]

‘I’ll get back to you’: 5 things a Nigerian customer really means by this

Sir! Sir! We have this lovely package for you and your family, just fill this form here. Have a look at our pamphlets too, they would really enjoy the treat too… Familiar? Sir finally budges and gives you good audience. You flip your hair and deliver your compelling product pitch, locking eyes with him and […]