‘I’ll get back to you’: 5 things a Nigerian customer really means by this

Sir! Sir! We have this lovely package for you and your family, just fill this form here. Have a look at our pamphlets too, they would really enjoy the treat too…


Sir finally budges and gives you good audience. You flip your hair and deliver your compelling product pitch, locking eyes with him and gesticulating meaningfully. Beautiful performance and certain customer checked on the list. Smooth ride you think.

Then…‘you’re quite pretty, your product is also lovely too…er…er…let me think on it. I’d get back to you’

Good Lord!

‘But sir, you can just make a down paym…’

‘I said I’d get back to you’ — Sir cuts in.



This all too familiar exchange between marketers or sometimes, product peddlers with potential customers is very common in urban centres of the country. Many have wittingly developed this line and used it for a variety of purposes.

Reason 1: Nice product, I like what I am hearing, but… No Money!

You don’t expect the customer to tell you upfront that he is broke. He has to play along and pretend to be willing to pay. His purse is the ultimate decider.

Reason 2: Product doesn’t look bad, but, I have to get approval from my wife, husband, child or whoever would be affected by this…

He is not willing to tell you that it is not entirely up to him to buy your product. Certain people have to give their approval or permit him before he gets it.

Reason 3: Everything looked fine until I heard the price. I’m out!

He likes what you are telling him, he can see the benefits of the product. He would certainly buy if the price was lower, but, he has to cut his cloth according to his purse. Practical right? Here lies your surest lead who just might convert to become your customer once you figure he is willing to pay a little less than what you are offering.

Reason 4: This is way too off! I don’t use products like this, not my style

He is being diplomatic, doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, so, he tells you this subtle excuse even though deep down, he would never ever ever go near products like what you are offering.

Reason 5: You’re being a nuisance, kindly get out of my way!

Just like the dialogue up there, he clearly was not in the mood of frame of mind for that, but, it would be rude to candidly blurt, ‘Get out!’ right? So he tells you this politely. Push your luck too far here and you might have a story to tell your children.

If you just faced any of these, don’t worry. Watch this space, as we teach you how to overcome each of the above responses to your pitch and eventually make a sale.

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