5 hacks to scale your online business fast!

The year 2021 was tough, business-wise, across the entire country. The ruthless devaluation, ban and restriction of local debit cards for foreign trade has only exacerbated an underlying ill — the staunch difficulty of doing business in Nigeria. As is typical of mankind to seek solutions out of problems in order to self-actualise and progress, […]

3 lessons from the Efritin Bust

Sequel to our story of a young couple who transacted successfully on the now defunct classifieds website Efritin, we share with you a few insights on why the promising marketplace never really took off. 1. The 180 million-people-paradox From the books, Nigeria, home to such an enormous population seems a natural hotbed for trade and investment […]

Efritin.com: A real story

For the Badejos, 2015 had been a very notable year. As newlyweds who had just moved into a decent flat in central Lagos, life was beginning to take form. They were expecting a baby by December of that year and provisions for this were swiftly underway. The only chink however was that their daily commute […]