Yahoo Boy No Laptop: How To Protect Yourself From Internet Scammers

A recent report by Palo Alto Networks revealed that Nigeria loses up to N127 billion every year to cyber crimes. If a US-based intelligence company that has researched Yahoo Yahoo for 5 years says you should fear Yahoo boys.

Don’t think that Yahoo boys are the least of your problems because they mostly target Oyibo people. These scammers invent new formats everyday to obtain fellow Nigerians that lose guard, our old people and businesses. 

This is why we need to be reminded about Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria. Here are few tips to prevent you from unknowingly falling into the traps of Yahoo boys:

  1. Being Greedy: people who are greedy will easily fall victim to scammers because they want to get rich quick and make money sharp sharp. Be patient and work hard, you will succeed when it’s your time. 
  1. Living for the Gram: If you love posting almost everything about you online, be careful. Posting birthday shoots, photos in/out of your house, your address, pets, family’s names, and other private information will give Yahoo boys details they use to easily steal from you.
  1. Awoof Dey Run Belle: Sharing your bank account on Twitter or social platforms is dangerous. Not all giveaways are genuine. Yahoo boys sometimes pay influencers to do giveaways so they can harvest bank details they use for scamming. If you post business accounts, keep your private details to your chest, or else you will help them clear your accounts while you are sleeping. 

Finally don’t be greedy, safeguard your personal and bank details. Always do your due diligence when something is too good to be true. Also, don’t click email links or open attached documents from strangers. Get an antivirus that will alert you about suspicious emails.

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