Makeup in Nigeria: Tutorials And Tips

We know you are always looking out for the latest makeup tutorials in Nigeria. Looking good is a big deal and yes, we know you don’t mind DIY and professional tips to step your glam all day.

This article will provide you with a wealth of information with resources to kickstart your makeup career. If all you want is to look your best all the time, we’ve got you covered as well.

From do-it-yourself pro makeup tips and recommendations for makeup artists to follow online, to makeup kits for personal and professional use, stepping up your nude makeup game, and even free online makeup classes, everything is just a few paragraphs away.

Let’s get right into it…

Do-It-Yourself Pro Makeup Tips

Learning pro makeup tips can take your skills to the next level. Start by investing in quality brushes that will allow for precise application. Blend your foundation well for a flawless finish and use concealer strategically to highlight and conceal imperfections. 

Experiment with different eyeshadow techniques to create depth and dimension, and don’t forget to groom your eyebrows for a polished look. Additionally, practicing proper contouring and highlighting techniques will help you sculpt and define your facial features.

These are some of the most popular DIY makeup tutorials you’d be grateful to find online: 

  1. How to Do a Full Face Makeup Tutorial for Beginners by Rosina. 
  2. Step-by-Step Beginner Makeup Tutorial for Black Women by Lovevinni
  3. Easy Everyday Makeup for Beginners by Dimma Umeh


Top Nigerian Makeup Artists to Follow

The digital age has made it easier than ever to learn from talented makeup artists worldwide. YouTube and Instagram are treasure troves of makeup tutorials and inspiration. 

Some noteworthy Nigerian makeup artists to follow:

Brows Beauty & Makeup

Jide of st.ola

Banke Meshida Lawal (banksbmpro)

Jackie Aina of Forvr Mood 

Dimma Umeh

Makeup Kits Recommendations

When it comes to building your makeup kit, it’s essential to have a range of products that cater to both personal and professional use. 

For beginners, a well-rounded kit should include a versatile foundation, concealer, mascara, blush, neutral eyeshadows, a nude lipstick, and brushes of different sizes and shapes. Some Nigerian makeup brands with great and affordable kits you can try out: 

  • Zaron Cosmetics
  • Nuban Beauty
  • Yanga Beauty
  • Zikel Cosmetics
  • Dabota Cosmetics
  • BMpro Makeup
  • House of Tara (HoT)
  • Hegai and Esther
  • Toas Beauty
  • Kuddy Cosmetics


Everyday DIY Makeup Tips for Work or Fun

Nude makeup looks are timeless and can be effortlessly elegant. To enhance your nude makeup game, focus on achieving a flawless complexion using light-coverage foundation or tinted moisturizers. 

Follow these steps for beautiful nude makeup you can wear to office or outings without breaking the bank: 

  • Give time to prep your skin
  • Do your skincare thoroughly
  • Buy a nourishing, well-formulated primer 
  • Keep yourself hydrated 
  • Less is always better in nude makeup looks
  • Always for soft and nude colors 
  • Go easy on the eyes
  • Choose a foundation with dewy-finish
  • Lightweight concealers and foundation.
  • Glossy finish or soft tint for the lips 


Remember, the key to nude makeup is to enhance your natural features while maintaining a fresh and radiant appearance.

Getting Started as a Freelance Makeup Artist

Follow these steps to set up and run your small makeup business: 

Get Some Training, Maybe Certification Too: Passion and natural talent are great. But your clients sometimes want to see how credible you are, especially the elite customers who want to be sure they can trust you with their looks and money. You could take a self-paced make-up course or learn from some of the makeup pros we mentioned earlier. A qualification will also help you stand out from the crowd of other random makeup artists. 

Choose Your Makeup Niche: From film, to bridal and graduation looks, there are many different areas of specialization in the beauty and makeup business. Choosing your specialty will help you do better research to find the clients you want. To be successful, you also have to stay up-to-date with the latest makeup trends in your chosen field.  While you don’t have to be limited to a particular type of makeup for too long, it is easier to grow quickly within a niche than when you start out as a generalist who isn’t known to be great in any specific niche. 

Gather Your Supplies: It is no news that cosmetic products are pricey. So as soon as you choose a makeup niche, you should start populating your makeup box based on your budget. It is very important you buy reputable makeup brands to boost your credibility. You don’t want to tarnish your image by using makeup products that will harm your clients’ skin.

Learn Good Business Practices: Managing a business doesn’t always come naturally. You should do research on what it takes to keep a business running. Take special note of things such as startup costs, business proposals and registering for tax. 

Register Your Business: Luckily, the process of registering a small business in Nigeria can all take place online. You can run the entire process online or pay a consultant to help you. Be intentional about what you want to name your business and if you’ll be hiring people to work with you or not.

Determine Your Price Range: This is one critical thing that can make or break your makeup business. When setting your prices, it’s important to be fair depending on your primary customer base and their location. Keep in mind that your experience as well as the quality of your makeup products will influence how much customers are willing to pay you. Pricing is risky as you don’t want to come across as being too cheap or desperate for customers. At the same time, as a newbie you don’t want to miss opportunities to prove yourself and build a great portfolio you can leverage to charge higher fees. Thread carefully with this – test different pricing models across your customer segments and improve with time. 

Put Together a Portfolio: You need a portfolio to show your level of expertise to a first-timer. As a freelancer or newbie business owner, you need a portfolio. You may have to do free gigs or makeup for your friends, colleagues, siblings, even church members to gather enough pictures and videos to create an appealing portfolio. Also, make sure your portfolio looks great, you may need the help of a good graphic designer for this. Ensure you have your portfolio in different formats such as PDF, video, website as well as other dedicated online portfolio tools so you can easily share it with prospects in person or online. 

Help Customers Find You:

The best way to build your client base is to advertise. So brush up on your marketing skills and people will come flocking for your services! The best platforms to show off your makeup abilities include Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and of course, Facebook. Using social media won’t cost you much, put yourself out there for customers to find you. Embarking on a makeup journey can be both exciting and overwhelming, but with the right guidance and resources, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of makeup. Remember to practice, experiment, and be open to learning from experts and fellow enthusiasts. Embrace your creativity, have fun, and enjoy the transformative power of makeup!


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