Guinness Book of Records and Nigerians: A Match Made in Heaven?

Earlier this year, actually just a couple of months ago, Guinness World Records began appealing to Nigerians to take it easy on them so we don’t “hurt” them with uncountable record smashing events flying here and there. I was like these people don’t know Naija yet – we no dey ever carry last!

Really though, let’s speak some truth to ourselves, we tend to overdo things right? Or is it the fact we have to hustle for almost everything that is the reason why we hit hard on anything that tries to challenge us? 

I mean, Nigerians are used to hustling for almost everything, from water to electricity and even slots in traffic. This hustle spirit Nigerians have is probably the reason some fellow Africans feel uncomfortable sometimes. Naija energy is too plenty!

On the flip side, we can learn some lessons and find lots of inspiration in the Guinness records saga. Both the person who won and others who made failed attempts, all teach me that there is joy in putting in the effort. 

Like someone once said, you miss 100% of the chances you don’t take. And this is the real failure, not people who could not meet the targets they set for themselves. 

At this juncture, it is important for us to open up our hearts, and receive the abundant power to aspire to perspire, and acquire for multipliers. Lol.

Remember, that project or business you never started because you think may not succeed, start it today. Tap into the Naija spirit and overcome the inertia. Stop procrastinating or convincing yourself that it will fail, make an effort today in good faith. 

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